Pisces Research Project Management is a research and development project management company passionate about making the greatest positive impact for our ocean research money and time.

We are committed to creating positive, true, and mutually beneficial collaborations. We’ve all worked in multiple sectors and we do our best work enabling projects at the intersection of two or more sectors.

Pisces maintains honest, transparent and fun relationships, and brings these principles to our project management services to give researchers and businesses back their time.

Company History

Pisces was founded by Dr. Kes Morton in 2017. After managing more than $170 million CAD over 15 years of ocean research projects,  there were too many projects operating inefficiently, often because the project did not necessitate a full time project manager. As a result, people were devoting large amounts of time to something they didn’t like doing – project management.

Pisces believes that people do their best work when they do work they enjoy - And so, Pisces was founded to help give people back their time to do the things they love & outsource their research project management needs to the experts at Pisces.

Project Management

Pisces is fully owned and run by Dr. Kes Morton, an experienced manager, scientist, and communicator, with over 15 years of management and research experience in industry, academia, and government. Kes has a PhD in Marine Ecology, a Project Management Professional certification, and a Certificate in Financial Management.

Indigenous Collaboration & Engagement Policy

At Pisces RPM, we are committed to meaningful collaborations with Indigenous Peoples. This means continuously educating ourselves  and our clients to ensure we work with Indigenous governments, organizations, and communities in respectful, transparent, and inclusive ways. Through our work as project managers in the ocean research sector, we see an opportunity to build better collaborations in ocean research and monitoring.

Why is this policy important to our work & ocean research?

  • We are a research and development project management company with a focus on ocean research. We specialize in collaborations, working with diverse peoples, and working across sectors to create the greatest positive impact for ocean research money and time.
  • We acknowledge the need to continue adapting and evolving how research bodies, federal funding agencies, academic institutions, and private industry do business to ensure there are opportunities for meaningful collaborations that represent what matters to Indigenous Peoples.
  • We acknowledge and respect the principles of two-eyed seeing, which brings forward the strengths of both Indigenous and western ways of knowing to encourage mutually beneficial and collaborative relationships between Indigenous Nations and western institutions.
  • We respect and recognize the diversity of Indigenous governance systems, and the diversity of cultures and practices within Indigenous Nations.
  • At Pisces RPM, we are committed to facilitating honest, transparent, meaningful, and mutually beneficial collaborations between the ocean research sector and Indigenous Peoples.

Pisces RPM Objectives for Indigenous Collaboration

  • To advance partnerships between Indigenous peoples and western researchers.
  • To advance partnerships for collaboration in the ocean sector with Indigenous Nations.
  • To advance and support the utilization of two-eyed seeing in the ocean sector.
  • To support initiatives and opportunities that are community-driven and nation-based.
  • To ensure that Indigenous voices are at the forefront of collaborations and partnerships.
  • To create positive and safe environments for collaboration and partnerships.
  • To create better economic opportunities and experiences for Indigenous youth and older.
  • To support Indigenous-related initiatives that support the 94 calls of reconciliation from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report.