Best Ocean Acronym Test

Welcome to the Best Ocean Acronym Test

July 9, 2020


Within oceans research, we use a lot of acronyms. Acronyms can be very useful but at the same time they can be frustrating. We like to have some fun, so here is a fun way to increase your acronym knowledge, train your team or learn something new. (Yes... we do know you can google these but whats the fun in that?)

The acronym could be anything from a business/companies name, research projects and events or more! There will be 50 questions pulled from a large bank of acronyms in a randomized order. Each question will be graded out of 2, if you select the correct answer you will gain full points. If you select an answer that is close to the correct answer, you will gain partial points.

High scores will be posted publicly on our twitter account and will be updated as the leaderboard changes! If you provide us with your twitter name, we will make sure we tag you so you can keep up with the competition!


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via twitter or at


Good luck and Have fun!

1. What does SLGO stand for?
2. What does ROV stand for?
3. What does CMAR stand for?
4. What does NOAA stand for?
5. What does DRDC stand for?
6. What does ISED stand for?
7. What does AUV stand for?
8. What does OTCNS stand for?
9. What does FORCE stand for?
10. What does MBON stand for?
11. What does MI stand for?
12. What does IUGG stand for?
13. What does MUN stand for?
14. What does OERA stand for?
15. What does IUU stand for?
16. What does OSC stand for?
17. What does JBARB stand for?
18. What does COVE stand for?
19. What does IOCCP stand for?
20. What does IQOE stand for?
21. What does MEOPAR stand for?
22. What does OTN stand for?
23. What does OOSV stand for?
24. What does JCOMM stand for?
25. What does POGO stand for?
26. What does CZCA stand for?
27. What does CMOS stand for?
28. What does CPUE stand for?
29. What does CFER stand for?
30. What does CFI stand for?
31. What does EGU stand for?
32. What does DMAC stand for?
33. What does HQP stand for?
34. What does LARS stand for?
35. What does NSERC stand for?
36. What does NRC stand for?
37. What does FAD stand for?
38. What does IOI stand for?
39. What does SUBS stand for?
40. What does NOIA stand for?
41. What does ICRI stand for?
42. What does MBARI stand for?
43. What does MPA stand for?
44. What does APC stand for?
45. What does TC stand for?
46. What does ORCA stand for?
47. What does OFI stand for?
48. What does FERN stand for?
49. What does JOMOPANS stand for?
50. What does OCTO stand for?

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