May, 2021

202118May2:00 PM4:00 PMEngaging diverse stakeholders in the Ocean Decade: the key role of national and regional stakeholder networks2:00 PM - 4:00 PM CEST Region:OnlineTopic:Educational,TrainingCost:No CostCountry:CanadaConfidence:High TagsFree,online,Registration


Continued efforts to translate the global priorities of the Ocean Decade to regional and national level action will be essential to its success. The Ocean Decade Implementation Plan contains a framework for diverse groups of partners to identify, implement and resource Decade Actions to fulfil the Ocean Decade Challenges and thus contribute to the Ocean Decade vision. It offers a coordination framework to coordinate and promote the Decade in all regions, leaving no one behind, and to empower stakeholders to engage, plan, and implement Decade actions in a spirit of co-design and co-delivery.

Building on the foundation created through a series of regional consultation workshops in 2019 and 2020, stakeholder engagement groups emerged at national and regional levels. These voluntary platforms will play a key role in linking national and regional action to the international Ocean Decade framework as well as promoting and raising awareness of the Decade.

This webinar, organized by the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO will provide a platform for National Decade Committees and regional task forces to share experiences and knowledge, to encourage creation of synergies amongst different initiatives, and to showcase successful activities to inspire action in others.

This webinar will be organized in three parts:
Part 1 – The key role of stakeholder entities in convening and engaging multiple and diverse stakeholders in the Decade;
Part 2 – How can regional stakeholder networks facilitate the co-design of initiatives across groups of nations?
Part 3 – How can stakeholder networks can coordinate linkages between endorsed Decade Actions?

For more information, please visit the Ocean Decade website.


Tuesday, May 18 - 2:00pm 2021 - Tuesday, May 18 - 4:00pm 2021

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