May, 2022

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Global Ocean Oxygen Network

The Global Ocean Oxygen Network (GO2NE) is committed to providing a global and multidisciplinary view of deoxygenation, with a focus on understanding its multiple aspects and impacts.

The Network’s research, outreach, and capacity building efforts include facilitating communication with other established ocean science and observation networks and programmes, as working groups (e.g. IOCCP, GOOS, GOA-ON, GlobalHAB, WESTPAC O2NE, IMBeR, Future Earth Ocean KAN, SOLAS). The Network’s aim is to improve observation systems, identify and fill knowledge gaps, as well as develop and implement capacity building activities worldwide.

GO2NE’s communication efforts include:

The website is external), supported by GO2NE, which provides the latest information on deoxygenation to scientists, stakeholders and the interested public and a monthly webinar, which offers the possibility to listen to two scientists (one junior and one senior) presenting the underlying mechanisms and impacts of ocean deoxygenation.


Saturday, May 14 - 12:00am 2022 - Sunday, May 15 - 11:59pm 2022



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