March, 2022

202211Mar6:28 PM6:28 PMHow does human-made noise impact ocean wildlife?6:28 PM - 6:28 PM ADT Region:OnlineTopic:Acoustics,EducationalCost:No CostConfidence:High TagsEcology,Marine Mammals,TedX


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The ocean is bursting with sound – Whale songs, dolphin whistles, manatees & dugongs munching seagrass on the seafloor. There are storms, waves, tsunamis, and earthquakes. There’s man-made noise from fishing boats, tourists, the military, offshore drilling & construction. In this fascinating presentation, Saliza Bono wonders – how does all this noise impact the animals that live in the ocean? And as humans, what should we be doing differently instead?

Join Morris Animal Foundation in collaboration with TEDxMileHigh for this online event to learn more!



Saliza is a budding marine bioacoustician at MareCet and is currently undertaking her PhD degree at Kyoto University, Japan. During her undergraduate days at James Cook University in Australia, she took up various opportunities to explore marine mammal science, in which she volunteered for various institutes such as the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit (MUCRU, now known as Aquatic Megafauna Research Unit) and also assisted researchers in Townsville on dolphin photo-identification boat surveys. In 2017, she pursued an MRes at the Lighthouse Research Station of University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Her Master’s research focused on the impacts of offshore windfarm construction on harbor porpoises in the Moray Firth using acoustic detectors.

Saliza is currently researching the acoustic ecology of the Indo-Pacific humpback dolphin and Irrawaddy dolphin in Malaysia and the impacts of underwater noise to these animals. In 2020, the Morris Animal Foundation in the USA awarded her a competitive grant to conduct her research in northwestern Peninsular Malaysia. Saliza aspires to help fill knowledge gaps on marine mammal acoustic ecology in Malaysia and contribute to MareCet’s growing research. When not having her ears glued to the headphones and trying to analyze acoustic data, Saliza enjoys traveling and (you may be surprised!) crocheting.


Friday, March 11 - 6:28pm 2022 - Friday, March 11 - 6:28pm 2022

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