January, 2021

202113Jan3:30 PM3:30 PMMERIDIAN Winter Webinar Series: Edge computing for hydrophones:Machine learning for in-situ automated analysis of underwater acoustic data3:30 PM - 3:30 PM Organizer: Meridian Region:OnlineTopic:Acoustics,DataCost:No CostConfidence:High TagsFree,online,Weekday


Welcome to the ‘Edge computing for hydrophones: Machine learning for in-situ automated analysis of underwater acoustic data’ event in the MERIDIAN Winter Webinar Series!

In this event, we will be taking a closer look at Edge computing for hydrophones, that is, the development of dedicated hardware and software that can be integrated into hydrophone deployments, allowing for real-time processing of acoustic data in the field. In particular, the discussion will focus on the development and deployment of “light-weight” machine learning models for detecting and classifying marine species. To help us shed light on this exciting subject, we will be joined by an impressive list of speakers (see below) from Canada and the U.S. representing all sectors involved in underwater acoustics research, including academia, government, NGOs, industry, and navy. They will discuss the need for in-situ real-time automated analysis of hydrophone data, identify the main technical constraints (power budgets, transmission bandwidth, computing power, cost, etc), clarify the requirements of end users, and provide examples of current work that utilizes or seeks to develop such capabilities.


List of speakers:

Hilary Moors-Murphy & Harald Yurk, DFO

Adam Comeau, CEOTR

Katie Kowarski, JASCO

Val Veirs, Beam Reach

Fabio Frazao, MERIDIAN

Dugald Thomson or Jeff MacDonnell, DND

Jason Wood & Kaitlin Palmer, SMRU


Agenda will be available soon!

Please RSVP as space is limited to 90 participants. If there is anyone you would like to suggest attending, send their full name and email to piscesrpm@piscesrpm.com.



Webinar 1: Underwater Soundscapes, November 18th

Webinar 2: What do we know about fish sounds?, November 25th

Webinar 3: Visualizations for preference inspection in group decision making, December 2nd

Webinar 4: Acoustic detection and classification in the modern era of big data, deep learning, and open science principles,December 15th

Webinar 6: Management of underwater acoustics data, January 20th 2021

Webinar 7: A new toolkit for acoustic tracking, January 27th 2021


Wednesday, January 13 - 3:30pm 2021 - Wednesday, January 13 - 3:30pm 2021



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