June, 2022

202220JunAll DayThe State of Ocean Deoxygenation Research in Canada — WORKSHOP(All Day: Monday) America/Halifax Organizer: MEOPAR Region:OnlineTopic:Aquaculture,Climate Change,Ecosystem,Environment,Marine,Marine Biology,Ocean Science,Pollution,SustainabilityCountry:CanadaConfidence:High


This workshop will provide an opportunity for members of the Canadian marine scientific community to pinpoint what we currently know about ocean deoxygenation and discuss challenges in relation to research in Canadian waters.

The workshop is divided into three themed sessions: 1) observations, 2) modelling, and 3) biological impacts of deoxygenation. Each session will provide an overview of current research and tools being used by different groups from Canadian institutes working to understand deoxygenation mechanisms, future projections, and impacts in the Canadian Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic regions. At the end of each themed session we will discuss how we can better enhance collaborations, share techniques, and address current challenges.

This is a full day event. Presenters and schedule to be announced.

If you have any questions about the workshop, please contact Ana Franco at afranco@eoas.ubc.ca or Hayley Dosser at hdosser@eoas.ubc.ca.


Monday, June 20 - 12:00am 2022 - Monday, June 20 - 11:59pm 2022



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