Looking for Workshops? We can help you plan the perfect event!

Pisces can help when you:

  • run out of time
  • need experienced, efficient help
  • are entering a new collaborative sector (Oceans people are our people…and we also work really well with data managers and scientists)
  • need long term, part time project supervision

Pisces is available to help at all stages of your ocean project, or just when you need a little help at a particular stage.

Consortium development
Setting and achieving new strategic directions for research programs
Building the budget
Funding opportunity identification and application management

Staffing the project
Partner development
Establishing reporting procedures
Establishing governance
Finalization assistance

Tracking deliverables
Monitoring scope
Budget management and controlling costs (over $200,000,000 CAD managed to date)
Financial forecasting
Course correction
Coordination of international, cross-disciplinary multi-million dollar projects
Reporting to private and public funding opportunities (e.g.  NSERC, CFI, SSHRC, EU, IRAP, ACOA, OERA, AIF, BCIP, BDC….)
Industry, government and academic liaison

Final reporting to stakeholders
Setting the stage for the next dream

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