Project Management

For one component or the entire project life cycle, Pisces is here to help you!

With our extensive knowledge of Canada’s ocean sector and years of collective project management experience, we offer an in-depth understanding of your project unlike any other project management service in Canada! Pisces RPM is a creative, adaptable, honest, and collaborative distributed team. We have a range of technical, creative, analytical, interpersonal and leadership skills, and pan-Canadian expertise of academia, industry and government in Canada’s ocean sector. Our team gives you access to a greater level of experience and expertise than an individual project manager, to guarantee your project’s success! 

Other Services:

Pisces can help with all your remote and in-person workshop and event needs:

Setting the Stage

  • Development of:
  • Agenda
  • Invitation
  • Material/Presentation
  • Runsheet
  • Social Media Promotion

Scheduling of:

  • Venue and Date Selection
  • Speakers
  • Accommodations, Catering and Technical Requirements


  • Technical Run-Through
  • Monitoring Guest List
  • Facilitation
  • Digital Tool Management
  • Moderation of Workshop
  • Venue Setup and Teardown
  • Note Taking
  • Recording and Processing of Digital Sessions

Post Workshop and Event

  • Post-Workshop Survey or Materials
  • Post-Event Reporting

Funding Opportunity Research

  • Identify the Best Funding Calls
  • Market Research
  • Keywork Identification from Funding Call

Proposal Writing

  • Developing Scope of Work
  • Writing the Proposal and Filing out Applications
  • Budget Development

Partner Management

  • Consortium and Partner Management
  • Liaison Between Project Partners
  • Stakeholder and Investor Engagement

Data Management Planning

  • Processing
  • Standardization
  • Analysis
  • Preservation

Data Visualization

Convert data from its raw format into:

  • A static data visualization
  • Real time visualization on the web through a dashboard

Operational Data Management

  • Converting raw data into something more readable (CSV File)

Data Standardization

  • Converting data into a standard format
  • Create meta-data

We have a team of designers, content writers and project managers to help you with all your design and website needs.

Design Services

  • Brand Identity, Development and Marketing
  • Data Visualization and Infographics
  • Logos and Icons
  • Brochures, Flyers, Pamphlets, Booklets
  • Event Marketing Materials
  • Video Creation & Editing
  • Templates: Zoom Backgrounds, Presentations, Branding, and Newsletters
  • Social Media: Banners, Campaigns, and Content

Website Services

  • Front-End and Back-End Development
  • UI/UX Design, Wireframing
  • Website Content Creation

Feeling the pain of report deadlines? Tacklebox can help! The Pisces RPM team has developed an online tool called Tacklebox that helps you with all you reporting needs efficiently and effectively. Contact us to learn more!