New: Online Workshops and Workshop Series

Need someone to help facilitate your workshop, or interested in having us host a workshop in grant writing? Pisces can help you!


“Thanks for your great work in preparing the meeting and leading us through the agenda. I think we have met all our objectives and I am very confident we will deliver.

A great pleasure working with you.”  

Dr. Ariane Plourde, University of Quebec at Rimouski

“Kes did an outstanding job facilitating and moderating Ocean School’s two-day strategic planning retreat in early April, 2017. Despite being contacted just one week before the retreat, she was able to prepare and lead us through what was one of the best strategic planning retreats I have been a part of. She managed to keep our group of twelve (including people from different levels and different organizations) focused, on time, and in a collaborative spirit. We accomplished everything we set out to do and more, which rarely happens in these types of meetings. I highly recommend Kes, and look forward to working with her again in the future.” 

Janet Stalker, MEOPAR

“Kes was a joy to work with and a dream as an MC. Both fastidious and flexible, she made the G7 Oceans Partnership Summit come alive – the audience loved her.” 

Tansy Stobart, Program Manager, Globe Series

“I organized two international conferences, and Kes was invited to speak at the first conference, and invited back by popular demand to speak at the second conference.  She is extremely knowledgeable and kept her audiences highly engaged.”

 Michael Shepherd, Ph.D.

Pisces RPM  were instrumental in us pulling together a critical event with many different organizations in a short period of time. Kes was great at keeping us on task and hitting the key issues while keeping everyone engaged.  I would recommend her and the Pisces team to anyone looking for help facilitating key events.

 Sarah Thomas, Project Manager, D.P. Energy